Request unlock code to access password protected settings

You might want to try this:

Password unlock procedure in ESET Windows home products version 11.2 and later

When prompted to enter your password, click Restore Password and follow instructions in the ESET Knowledgebase article below:

Unlock your settings password in ESET Windows home products (version 11.2 and later)

Password unlock procedure in ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security - Reset your password or Unlock your screen

Older ESET home products

If you forgot your user-defined password for Advanced setup, you can use the ESET Unlock Utility to remove it and restore your access to the configuration settings.

NOTE: This password is different from the ESET-issued Username and Password ESET emailed to you upon purchase of your ESET product. To retrieve them, please go back and use a correct option.

Continue clicking No, I still need help and enter the numeric unlock ID generated by the ESET Unlock Utility into the Description field.

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I cannot access the settings—I'm being asked for a password. What should I do?

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